MEI 2019

Argus is doing very well. He is such a happy dog and he adores to cuddle and rub his belly. He knows how to get your attention and loves his walks. Especially the mouses and birds in the high grass.
Yesterday hea was scared during his walk because they where hunting in the near area. He dragged me home and he dissapeared behind the couch for the rest of the evening. This morning he was happy and wagging his tale as usual and it was like nothing happened. Last week he rolled himself into horsepoop so his first wash is already done 😂.

We are very happy with him and already bonding ❤️

1.       This handsome male dog with a perfect character named Argus

2.       Year of birth is approximately summer 2017

3.       Appearance – mix of stray dogs, looks like a puppy wolf

4.       Weight is 20 kg, size at withers is 57 cm.

5.       Health – dog is clinically healthy. Chipped. Vaccinated.

6.      Castrated.

7.       The history of the dog – the dog was picked up on the street at puppy age, now lives at foster house with other dogs and cats.

8.       Food – eats fry food. Not allergic type.

9.       Character – normally active, not intrusive, polite, kind, likes to be cuddled. Perfect character!

10.   The attitude of adults – absolutely friendly to everyone. Good mentality.

11.   Attitude towards children – outside absolutely easy, ignores them, never hurts them, knows that kids are part of our life’s. Nowadays lives in a family without children. Good for the family with adult kids.
12.   Attitude towards other dogs and bitches – he is interested in new meetings and gets acquainted quickly, likes to run together, never been seen in the manifestation of aggression to unfamiliar dogs and bitches.

13.   Attitude towards cats – friendly, at the moment he lives with four cats.

14.   Attitude to other animals – trying to catch birds just to interested in, rats has never seen. Shows normal interest.

15.   How to walk on a leash – pulls a bit, because of curiosity.

16.   Does any team – in Russian to me, gives paw. Ready to study well.

17.   How to ride in the car – rides perfect. Adores riding by car

18.   Whether to stay at home alone – remains normal at home, does not spoil anything. Good behavior.

19.   Toilet – three times per day outside

20.   Toys – loves to play toys and sticks but also likes to be with a person

21.   Wishes on hosts – suitable to any family with dogs or the only one dog. Absolutely able to be the second dog in a family. Polite, smart, well behaved.

22.   Wishes by place of residence – suitable to any place, we prefer the house with a garden, fenced.